About Us

Hey guys… here we are… Jesse & Angie Gabel. We are avid baseball fans and our major league team is the St. Louis Cardinals. Our minor league team is Clinton Lumberkings, a minor league affiliate for the Miami Marlins. We have been watching baseball games together since 1994!!!

I was born and raised in Clinton, Iowa.  I have a few passions, but one of the biggest is baseball.  There has never been a time in my life when baseball, specifically minor league baseball didn’t play a huge role in my summer.  Some of my earliest memories were watching games at Riverview Stadium just steps from the mighty Mississippi. I played my high school games there, took my girlfriend and future wife on dates there, and eventually taught my daughter the game there.  Watching minor league baseball in Clinton, Iowa is where I learned to love the game of baseball. I hope to share some thoughts on Clinton and so many other small town teams on this platform. I hope I can share something that resonates with you. See you at the ballpark!

I am a born and raised Iowa native. I moved to the Eastern edge of Iowa in 1989 and fell in love with the city of Clinton, Iowa. One of my favorite things to do was hang out at the baseball stadium with my friends.

I watched my future husband play high school baseball on the same field that young professional athletes were getting their start on. We raised our daughter at the ballpark as well, introducing her to many MLB players to be as well as MLB players who were now coaching in the minors. She actually lost her tooth right in front of Clayton Kershaw!!!

We travel every year to visit new stadiums and we hope to make some amazing memories in our journey this summer as well!!!